Individual 4WD tours in Kazakhstan. Offroad tours by 4WD vehicle.

4WD tours. Tourism and leisure in Kazakhstan. Offroad tours.
  There are many spectacular tourism and leisure destinations in Kazakhstan making you think about the most comfortable way of travelling. Some remote places are very interesting to visit, but hardly reachable by touristic buses (sometimes because of the bad road conditions). This is why travelling by a 4WD vehicle opens much more possible itineraries for getting closer to nature. A tour in a small group, maybe accompanied by some relatives or friends and colleagues is much more comfortable, there is no rush as in a large-group bus trip. We offer the 4WD vehicles tours - the most comfortable way for touristic trips and excursions to see and visit all the admirable natural beauty spots of Kazakhstan.
  4WD vehicle tour is an individual touristic trip for mini-groups from one person to six people. The schedule is planned in accordance with our customer’s needs, so we are always flexible. You can choose the dates as well as the meeting time at the beginning of the tour. The driver of the vehicle is your guide and your chef at the same time and is always attentive to your special requests and wishes. At any point of the tour you can confide in your guide who can always help to solve your problem. All the stops during the trip for taking pictures, for some rest and other needs are made upon your request. The guide will advise you on some good spots from where you can take the best scenery pictures. During the trip we can offer the best places for rest and for having lunch. Our individual tour’s guides are sociable and helpful and have a safe driving style - these are our strong points. On our website you can find the description, photographs and videos of the most beautiful tourism and leisure destinations of Kazakhstan. The weekend trips from Almaty, longer tours and expeditions with descriptions and prices are available.